Akaso EK7000 action camera a great alternative for GoPro

AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof

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Still #1 bestselling underwater action camera on Amazon.com. Over 5200 customer reviews and 68 percent of them are 5 star reviews. This quality underwater action camera is perfect alternative to thos expensive GoPro cameras. Great for snorkeling and outdoors action, also usable for everyday video and photo shooting. This great camera also appears on Gadget 4 Phone's Amazon page.

Main features are:

4K Ultra HD video recording features ultra HD 4K video recording, 170° wide angle lens, 12MP, maximum recording format up to 4K 25fps & 2.7K 30fps.
2 Rechargeable 1050mAh batteries can record up to 90 minutes.
Built-In WIFI & HDMI, edit & share your action in minutes.

Easy to use micro SD card, add up to 64GB Micro SD Card, with the micro SD card slot, easy for you to choose the extra storage capacity.
100 feet waterproof camera, AKASO EK7000 is designed to withstand extreme environments, together with durable waterproof case.

What's inside

The rich sales box includes:

-1x AKASO EK7000 Camera.
-1x 2.4G Remote Control.
-2x 1050mAh Battery.
-1x Waterproof Case.
-1x Bicycle Stand.
-7x Mount.
-2x Clip.
-1x Helmet Mounts.
-1x Bandages.
-5x Tethers.
-1x Protective Backdoor.
-1x USB Cable.

Some customer reviews on Amazon:

"This is my first camera like this so I didn't want to go all out and spend a lot of money. Well come to find out you don't have to. This little bugger does everything you will need. Took it in the ocean...way cool. Took it parasailing...even cooler. Don't break the bank and get something more expensive unless you have your reasons. For someone like me who will use it a few times a year (I'm looking for more uses)...it's perfect"

"This camera is pretty awesome for the price and it comes with all the mounting accessories you need! While it doesn't come with an SD card, you can actually buy one since the camera is just that much cheaper than a GoPro. Quality is superb too when it came to video. I was genuinely surprised to be quite honest as I didn't expect to see really clear image quality. Of course I showed my friends this camera and they all had GoPros. Needless to say, they were pissed that they paid $300+ when I only paid $85 ahaha! I might pick up more of these for some cool projects. I'll update this review after some time to give my insight on durability too. Keep it up, Akaso!"

"Very good value for the price. Took this camera on a family vacation to Guam. Wasn't super impressed with the quality of the photos, but the video quality exceeded my expectations. Got lots of great underwater footage while snorkeling at the beach and playing in the pool. Easy to use and completely waterproof with the case on. Comes with an extra battery too, which is a nice bonus"

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